By: Olivia T.

My first heartbreak

This is my story to u all about what happened at school one day.......... -MLPFANATIC/ OliviaT.

My friends became worried when I told them that.....that London just told me: "Just break up with me already." on a small sheet of paper. I knew by the way he wrote it that he meant it.

I started to cry because he was always there to hold me up when I was not and he always lifts stress off me whenever I look into his eyes. He always was that person in my life that cared. And I was shocked at his words. That made me feel like I was just a helpless pup without a mother.

I never noticed that he'd tightened the chains. I started to bleed. I howled but no one came. You took my heart and ran away for all I know, you left me to decay. Go chase your dreams while you can because it won't be long till your in chains because of what pain you you cursed upon my name.

I thought that we'd make the perfect couple!But I can walk alone if he wants it this way. I hated dressing up for that piece of fox dung anyway!😂 I can live without him ya know?

This is what I say to myself sometimes: "If you're going through hell keep on pulling don't slow down just keep on pulling!" Just keep going even when life may seem like it's at it's worst!!!😘 Shake it off!!!


    Thanks guys you all support me sooo much I appreciate everything liking my books, following me, everything!

  • MollyStupid

    I love it and I will help walk with me

  • Puppycookie

    Olivia I am so sorry he broke up with you


    He didn't izzy help


    I said to torriono that i wanted to break up with him and apperently he told my boyfriend!


    Torri is DEAD

  • COBoyd

    That's poetry, man! And how do you get a boyfriend in the first place? Lol! #imsodesperate!!!