By: Olivia T.

This book is all about me don't be shy like and comment!!!😉👊 -Olivia T.

I am stunning at the scene and I have beautiful hair thats what my boyfriend loves most about me... I always make sure to check myself before I leave my house so I can look good for him!😊

I stand tall always and never give in and fly off when necessary and I stand up for my friends and family and never back down if someone tries to make me. I am: - Full of courage - Honest -You can trust me! -I am also VERY brave - Smart -Easily able to make someone laugh!😋 And last but not least, - Kind to anyone

I am also very imaginative I love to adventure out of my comfort zone which gets me into trouble sometimes.... But I am also very playful and I have LOTS of hobbies!😋👊

And yes, sometimes I do get a little sassy and hotheaded...😊 I bet you may do so sometimes as well.. My little bro and sister love to push me off the edge which makes me flammable sometimes...⬆️LOL!😂 I can am also VERY SENSITIVE!

And I am a great leader to my pack and all the pack adores me as a beautiful, majestic, intelligent leader though some times may be rough we trudge on....

And I have 3 different versions of my wolf form and this is one of them this is my fav because of the beautiful fur, bangs, and the swirl coming out of my eye!➡️

And sometimes I look to god for help but he doesn't always answer like I think he would but I know he always hears me out and helps me through every step of the way! I always usually look up to the sky for help but sometimes I may howl alone in the shimmering light of my amber and blue eyes.(that's my wolfs eye color)

My pups mourn for me too when for example I may be gone for too long on a hunting patrol. It stings me to here them howl and whimper because that shows right there that they care about me and where I am!➡️

And this is another one of my wolf forms in this form I have done ALOT! I saved a pup from a water snake, saved my deputy from a fire, and I've helped young warriors swim across churning water with nipping fish that would make you whimper and run away in fear.➡️

And sometimes I am pulled into chains and then someone finally releases me and I bleed because no one cares or loves me like an abused dog...I have dark times too YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE!👊

And this is my all time favorite wolf form because of the white swirls, blue eyes, and tan spots near my eyes, on my paw(s), and all around my ears!

Never give up

Guys, I picked this quote because I thought that you all would be moved by this especially since it's come from the mouth of a motivational man that helped with the hardships that African- Americans were facing. He made every white want to fight for these innocent people's rights to vote, ect (not every one tho. That makes me mad!!) And so through all this these Africans NEVER GAVE UP! And I don't want you to give up so give forth your best effort and if you fail, then learn from your mistakes!😊 -Olivia T./MLPFANATIC

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  • MollyStupid

    Cool but the wolf with the chains that's my pup

  • Puppycookie

    Olivia this is isabel I made anouther account but I still have the old one


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