5.23 Massaged kale salad

I eat this at least once a week. Organic kale. Olive oil. Tamari. Juice of 1/4-1/2 fresh orange. Salt&pepper to taste. •put ingredients over kale and massage into leaves until covered• Add avocado. Or anything else you like. I sometimes put black beans, carrots or sweet potatoes sautéed in coconut oil and curry.


Trying to escape

Back to michigan

I traveled back to Michigan to visit friends this past week from 5/16-5/20

5/20 Stretching between layovers.

Reunited 5/19

It's been two years since the four of us were all together. Two live in michigan, one lives in Hawaii, and I live in South Carolina.

5/18 Stopping roadside to pick lilacs with these two

5/17 shakshuka for breakfast

5/16 my bestie from college

5/16 It looks deceivingly nice out. It's really only sunny an 65 degrees which feels like winter to me now

The end. #seewhatisee

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