My Boyfriend

By: Olivia T.

This book is dedicated to MollyStupid and Cookiecrazy and.... BY BOYFRIEND LONDON!!!😍 -Olivia T.

We came perfectly together as one in the month of April! I am the gracious powerful one with intelligence and love in store for him! (Me shown above!☺️)

And London and I unite as one heck of a speedy person but London is handsome and always comforts me. He gives me little notes to ask if I am ok and I will always reach out to him as he cradles me( London shown above)

London, I share these feelings with you only! I can't describe our perfect relationship and how much it means to me! You are the wings that uphold me and I am the hooves the uphold you!😘😘😘

Roses are red, Violets blue, I love you London, As our power unites all through. -Olivia T.

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