Cocoa tea in the morning

Living a Rich-local Lifestyle

Using local-rich ingredients you can have the perfect morning ritual. This story uses Exotic Caribbean Mountain Pride Traditional Cocoa Dark Drinking Chocolate 99% Pure Cacao From Trinidad and Tobago

It's refreshing to consciously gather beauty into your space. Something green from outside on your table is rejuvenating.

Hers is how you can prepare a delicious hot cup of cocoa tea and some biscuits on a slow Saturday morning.

Add spices, milk and boil in raw cacao and enjoy

Go live that rich-local life

Inspired by Beth Kirby (Local Milk), Angela Ritchie (ACE Camps) and all the lovely creative ladies that shared time and space in Muro Lecccese, Puglia; Italy

Made in Muro Leccese, Puglia; Italy By Ms. Chanua Johnson (Chan) of Instagram: @introvertlybubbly All photos are styled and photographed by Chan.

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