The Pilgrimage Within

Once upon a time I saw A Light

At that very same moment I started to write

I was not sitting upon a hill nor was I in a Temple Mosque or Church I was simply sitting Sitting on a Rock

I knew I heard a call With closed eyes and open heart I started breathing in the call

There was nothing to hang onto And in that nothingness .....

I started seeing reflections of Light in All

The reflections and shapes from up above

The beauty of each and every singular flower and also the bees dancing among the snow flakes All

With this new revelation I had a wind beneath my wings

There was no need to simply sit alone all the time

I started dancing around all day and all night to the music of life with Light

It was as if I had found the perfect pair the match to me The mirror upon which I could smile and cry

This is the moment that I know I found myself under THE TREE of LIFE

This same tree bearing fruit all day This same tree shed Light at Night

I started to see the wings of the fish in the ocean

And also I started feeling the realities of life Issues of human rights touched me here at home The seeds that were planted long ago started to grow

The birds were singing a new song

Each bird carrying the weight of 30 birds in search of wisdom and flight

There Here NoW The sun shines from inside out

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