Looking up

Crooked neck Productions Instagram: Essexrambler

After finding photography quite late In my life, I soon became obsessed with what's going on above me, the clouds and light that filters them astounds me every day. Know day is the same and the wilder the weather the more Unpredictable and beautiful it can become. It's tricky trying to balance normal life and constantly wanting to snap what's going on high up above, I have picked a few of the shots I find mesmerising and it's still baffles me that this amazing theatre is going on above us and most people are Oblivious to it, or maybe I'm just easily amused. Either way it brightens up my days literally.

These shots are taken in the Cumbrian Lakes



Sometimes I have to stop in my tracks to get the shot.


In bloom



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  • Chandra

    Love the timelapse!

  • Essexrambler

    Thanks so much @Chandra the Steller platform only allows so much room it's looks better on my Insta feed, where I have monotonous amounts of the same these shots ha! Have a good day.

  • Chandra

    That kind of "monotony" is good! 👍🏼 Yeah, videos here are now limited to 15 sec., unfortunately.

  • jessiedew

    Awesome!! Love the timelapse in the middle too!!


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