By: Olivia T.


This book is dedicated to my heartbroken friend, Molly Stupid! Build the bridge and get over it! - Olivia T.

RUSTED LOVE You may have had somethin shining, now it's probably rusted, he may have your heart, but you're now rusted apart.... -MLPFANATIC

LOVE Love may seem cruel, to me and to you, but wherever you go, love isn't far behind.... -MLPFANATIC

CRUSHED He crushed your soul, took your air, suffocated you and put you in despair. He set the trap, you fell right in, took his next wish, and flew off again for the next mate ahead.... -MLPFANATIC

Dear MollyStupid, I hope that nothing EVER similar to this happens to you ever again. You know I'm a black belt so you can call me anytime you need me!๐Ÿ˜˜ Love you,-Olivia T.

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