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So happy that you liked the bathroom story. Here's part two in my series of before & afters, la cuisine! Our house was built in 1954 and had the mid century kitchen still been there we would have gone for a spruce up rather than a rip out. Alas the kitchen when we arrived was a poor quality 70's number with faux pine laminate cabinets, plastic drawers and a generally unappealing look.




Wille and I spent our first Easter in the house gutting the kitchen and removing the wall that separated the two spaces. The only remaining original feature was the dual side rippled glass sliding panel cabinet but because of the cramped space in the kitchen it also had to go. It did go to greener pastures though as a neighbor wanted it for their more original style kitchen. Win win.



The new kitchen features glossy white cabinets, metro tiles and white counter tops. Oh, and a delicious Smeg. Four years on and we're still very happy campers.


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