wear a classic piece a new way


Hand knit shawls are usually found over your shoulders or around your neck... With a bit of imagination your wardrobe can get a bit of a revamp just by styling the old faithful shawl in a simple new way.

Hapa by MSkiKnits

Start with a long shawl, the longer the better. The one shown above is Hapa in the largest size. It has a long wingspan, making it versatile and a great choice to wear as a wrapped sweater.


simply cross in front


secure in back

I prefer to wear the knot in the small of my back.

|Then...| After crossing the shawl ends and securing it in the back, smooth out the overlapping front panels to create a wrapped sweater look. You can adjust the look by setting the knot low in the back and achieve the look shown or tucking the knot higher on the back and getting a cropped sweater.

Revamps can simply be restyling something old in a new way

Keep experimenting!

The shawl featured in these photos is Hapa, one of my knit designs which can be created in 3 different sizes. For information on knitting kits visit www.infinitetwist.com This same styling can be applied to any shawl, not just a hand knit one. Looking forward to seeing ideas you create! www.withmeldotcom.wordpress.com

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    Keep experimenting--love that. And beautiful pics too!