Wheels for Wellbeing

Why on the right track? Because cycling is cool again. Thanks to the Olympics and Bradley Wiggins, owning a bike and be able to get around London on it, now represents an achievement. We are back on the right track because cycling respects the environment and allows us to do some inexpensive exercise on top of seeing the world at a different pace and from an overground perspective.

But cycling is back also around the world, and this little selection of my bikes hunt from my travels, wants to show that people are cycling again and more than ever in Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, New York, Ubud, Venice, Rome and beyond…

Here, bikes are pictured as models, as status symbols as object of desire too. 🚲

But what if you couldn’t ride?

What if your disabilities didn’t allow you to cycle the world? What if your legs wouldn’t collaborate when you were sitting on your shining fixie?

“On the right track” supports “Wheels for Wellbeing” a Brixton-based charity that removes barriers to cycling. Through their person-centred approach they enhance disabled people’s lives by ensuring that anyone can access the physical, emotional, practical and social benefits of cycling. For this reason, and to get us all back “On the right track”, I’ve opened a JustGiving page where I’m hoping to raise £1000. Any piece sold through my exhibition will contribute to this goal with 50% of the sale given to “Wheels for Wellbeing”.

Pictures are available in other size, type and format; if interested please contact me to thestorytellerphotos@gmail to arrange your prints and make an “offline donation”. If you wish to contribute directly to my fundraising, please visit https://www.justgiving.com/OnTheRightTrack to make a donation.

Thank you for your help and support and thank you for allowing me to get back “on my personal right track”

You can find the entire gallery at www.sabrina-andrea-sachs.co.uk/ontherighttrack where you can pick your favourites to be printed.

Find me on www.instagram.com/the_storyteller 🚲

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