Forming the New Edge of San Diego

Creating a Place that moves perceptions from scary-edge to the edge of what's next.


A workspace. A liveplace.

"Form15 was about giving East Village its history back. So we reused objects from industries that were here before us. "

Brent Schertzer - Holland Partners

A surf & cycle place.

East Village artists. East Village makers. East Village brewers & roasters - all became Form15 neighborhood ambassadors.

"I felt part of my new neighborhood before I even moved in."


The home-vibe.

Modelrooms with local energy.

An honest voice.

Unlocking the potential of an area others see as scary ... isn't for the meek. Developer Holland Partners asked Miriello | brand expression, to help a special building (Carrier Johnson AIA) become a special Place. The full expression of Form15. Brand strategy & execution : Ron Miriello w/ Sean Kelley Model interiors: Stacy Kelley Lead architect: David Gonzalez


East Village- San Diego, California

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    Ron this is awesome!!!

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    I love it too, Ron! Thanks for sharing!