New House | Sydney | Australia

Watershed Design is an architecture practise located in Manly on Sydney's Northern Beaches. This is one of our projects.

The site is right on the edge of Sydney Harbour at Little Manly. A new residence was built over three levels. The design is a response to the immediate water connection as well as access to northern sunlight and desire for privacy.

A plunge pool appears to hover over the harbour.

The exterior is finished in zinc and fibre cement cladding.

Glass panels slide away to connect to the outdoors.

Architecture by #watersheddesign Interiors in association with Breakwell Interiors. Photography by Simon Whitbread Photography. #australianarchitecture #architecture #residentialarchitecture

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  • sunnyinpdx


  • expacs

    Wow, what a dream! 😍💙

  • yellowillow

    Well! What do you know? You make a steller on your exquisite architecture and boom! You get featured! Didn't I tell ya? This house is to die for! Let me know if they want to sell :)


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