Coco's story

One night my husband was pulling an Audi TT into his shop and heard meowing. There was a teeny, tiny calico kitten wedged in the rear differential. It took him a long time to get her out. She was feral and frightened out of her kitten mind. He put her in a box and called me to ask what to do. "Bring her home!"

My daughter and I could barely contain our excitement until he got home. He said we weren't keeping her. We said ok knowing that we would. She was destined to be a part of our family.

We brought her into the playroom away from our Siamese kitty, Sasha. Once out of the box, she took off and ran into the sliding glass window twice. She was petrified and covered in grease. We felt so bad for her. We left her alone in the room with food, water and a litter box. She hid and we let her be.

We kept the cats separate for a good two weeks, but they could see and smell each other through the door. We would go in the room and talk and watch TV so she would get used to our sounds and smells, but we did not attempt to find or touch her. Then, my daughter started going in and was finally was able to hold her.

And she kept building the love and trust.

We named her Coco. We introduced the two cats and Coco came out to play. Cautiously. ... and looked out the window and noticed the birds. And she melted us every day with her incredibly cute face, wide eyes and sweetness.

Sasha still feels the need to let Coco know she lived with us first, but occasionally I find them together. But not too often.

Coco is always a little nervous - it's just her way. It makes me love her even more. She has enhanced our lives and I always tell her that getting wedged up inside that car was the best decision she ever made - landing her in a big house with insane cat lovers.

Since I am a stock photographer for Stocksy United, she has also become another one of my models. And she's really good at it.

The end. #meow Instagram: catklein

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