NSW, Australia

Blue Mountains

Last year my family went to Australia for my sister's wedding in Noosa, Queensland. After the wedding and before our departure, my Mom, Dad and I spent 4 days in Sydney. We took the opportunity to check out the Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves while we were there.

Our first stop was the Three sisters

The next stop was the Jenolan caves. We were scheduled for our cave tour at 1:15 which gave us plenty of time to look around. We got to explore the stunning Blue lake outside the caves.

There is a family of platypus that live in the lake, but they were hiding

The area also offers a self guided tour that is free to do. I took a quick look before our cave tour. That one face stood out as soon as we arrived to the area. It was high on a rock cliff

Once inside the caves my mind was blown. The caves are awesome, and warm. As odd as that sounds we were in Aus in the winter and it was a cold 2 outside. The caves were a nice 14 :) So many things to photography, so many places to look. I could have spent hours in there.

The rolling hills on the way to and from the caves are stunning. Something I was not expecting to see. I only wish I had been in a car and been able to pull over to properly shoot them. Instead I had to do some ninja shooting out the bus window

Lush rolling hills

The End

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