Spring backpacking

My friends and I had another opportunity to go on an overnight trip, so this time we chose to go to the North Cascade. ••• Our original plan was to hike and camp on Skyline Divide, however after going to the ranger station, they let us know that the conditions on the national forest road were poor because of snow and fallen trees, so we chose to hike Church Mountain instead.

Church Mountain is located about 45 miles east of Bellingham, Washington. This is something we wanted to do in the past but never had the chance to. This time we took the opportunity and tried hiking the mountain.

After hiking about 3 miles we entered into an alpine meadow covered with thick snow that had not melted yet. Because of the snow we were unable to find the trail in order to continue hiking. Unfortunately we had to stop at this location. ••• We packed down snow, setup our tent, prepared our dinner as the sun set on Mount Baker and finally went to sleep after our meal.

We woke up to the warm sun shining down and a breathtaking view of Mount Baker

We prepared our breakfast and enjoyed our food while relaxing in hammocks enjoying the beautiful mountain range.

Finally we packed up all out gear and headed down the mountain.

Hopefully the snow melts soon so we can attempt to make it all the way up Church Mountain!

Instagram: jaredpabon

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