City of Art

Long weekend in the Beautiful city of Barcelona, the city of Art and home to Picasso and Gaudi. The city breaths with culture and art.

Sagrada Familia Gaudi at his Best.

A new friend was made on the Hotel roof terrace.

Bubble fun on Cittadella Parc

Hidden places....

The Picasso museum is a great place to see some of the master pieces and read about his life and times. This week a piece of his work, ladies of Alger's, sold for a record £156 million at Christies.

Orange trees grow over Lavender in the old hospital grounds.

The genius of Gaudi.

Sagrada Familia

The beauty is in the details

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  • marij56

    No 10 and 11...ohh *sigh*👌🏻

  • Essexrambler

    What would you like to know me darling? @marij56

  • marij56

    Pictures on page 10-11...Barcelona at its best!

  • Essexrambler

    Such an amazing place, great to explore and find its hidden treasures

  • radam2

    Me gusto, Barcelona!

  • Essexrambler

    I like it too, loved your story on the relationship between ourselves and the universe that surrounds us, beautifully written and shot sir. @radam2


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