From Bhutan to blooms and macarons to bedrooms, this week we saw the softer, quieter side of storytelling, and we liked it. Check out this week's featured authors to learn more.

Discover the tranquil beauty of Bhutan with @rfeakins as he travels through the hills and monasteries of this vast and mysterious country.

See how @bente celebrated Mother's Day with blooms and blossoms of all varieties.

Add a little sparkle to your baking with @tumbleweedshc's technique for gold leaf macarons.

Get an inside look at @vintagewhites' newly refreshed bedroom, and read her tips on how to revamp your own.

Spring is in the air! Visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden with @vickywolvez.

Follow this week's authors for more great stories: @rfeakins @bente @tumbleweedshc @vintagewhites @vickywolvez Cover photo by @rfeakins.

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