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Last week I spent some time in one of my favourite countries, Singapore. Singapore is only 710sq KM which makes it one of the smallest countries in the world, there is a population of 5 million made up mainly of Chinese(majority), Malay, Indian and Eurasian.

Gold Coast - Singapore Fly Scoot

Business Class

View from my hotel Ramada Hotel at Zhongshan Park

so many different religions all living in harmony together


On the back streets and at temples throughout Singapore you will find people burning Joss paper (spirit money) as offerings to gods or to help your ancestors buy things they need in their afterlives. This is very common in various Asian religions.

| burning incense to cleanse the air of evil spirits |


| Incense Paper |

Durian Fruit

Durian fruit is found throughout Southeast Asia, it has a custard-almond flavor and is very delicious, the only downside is the smell, to some people is smells like old garbage but to others it has a sweet frangrance. If you see it be sure to pinch your nose and try some 😊

Eating in Singapore is amazing, there is such a great variety of foods available from all over Southeast Asia. Try to get to one of the local street hawker centers and eat what the locals eat.

made from steamed rice flour & white radish, fried with egg and finished with spring onion

Chai Tow Kueh

Yum Cha

Street Food

| sugar cane juice |

| perfect late night snack |

Street food vendor

Glutinous rice flour balls filled with palm sugar coated in fresh coconut

Nom Plae Ai

Better than a paper cup ;-)

Iced Ginger Tea

Glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings wrapped in bamboo leaves and steamed


Icecream Sandwich Sweet coloured bread with a slab of your favorite icecream. Peppermint choc chip for me

Flaky pastry filled with sweet mung bean paste. AMAZING

Tau Sar Piah

| Yong Siak Steeet |

Books Actually

Trendy new bars and restaurants popping up everywhere

You need a secret password to enter this amazing bar, think James Bond ;-)

Comic book cocktail list

The Cufflink Club Some of the best cocktails and pizza I've ever had.

Developed in 1915 at the famous Raffles Hotel

Singapore Sling

Gardens by the bay

The famous infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Gardens by the bay light show