By: Olivia T.

More Five nights at FREDDY'S

This is another book about what some of you may have been waiting for! Hope u like it! - Olivia T.

Could this mean the end of FNAF?(five nights at Freddy's) And actually, it could! According to a trailer I saw, there is supposed to be a FNAF 4! (10-31-15) But, after that, I don't think here will be any more FNAF!😡😣 boooo Scott Cawthon!

And this is my annoying friend, BB.(Balloon Boy) What he does in FNAF tell the anamatronics where you are by his DEVIOUS giggles....πŸ‘Ž

And this is the puppet: THE PLAYER'S ARCH ENEMY FUN FACT: the puppet is actually the child that was killed by purple man and wanders around the resturaunt looking for the souls of lost children is he can, "save them".

Here we have Golden Freddy. He is shown in this picture his head flying at you. In the game, he really CAN do that!😬

And now for that dash of humor that every one needs!πŸ˜‚ Go ahead, LAUGH!

And this is what Bonnie looked like in the first game. You know, empty eye sockets, ect.

An this is the main anamatronics next to their withered selves!

And personally, Foxy is one of my favs! Even though he comes for my booty!πŸ˜‚

And now guys I've finally gotten you all a nice pic of the 3 anamatronics you see on the showstage. Bonnie the bunny, Chica the chicken, And Freddy Fazbear!😍

And, incase you can't tell, Bonnie IS one of my other favorite anamatronics!☺️😊

"I'm still here"

-Bonnie FNAF