My birds. By Juliet Rodriguez

Last painting I've done.. Need to get back at it.

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  • jaywilder


  • vincent1

    Very talented.....if you get the chance, paint a kookaburra .... an Australian bird with an amazing laugh .....

  • tayenkim

    Oh, my word, these are fabulous. With this sudden spurt in the current watercolor trend, it's become difficult to find fellow artists who actually understand the medium. I'm so glad you've posted this. 👍🏻

  • janahau

    Beautiful! Nice art 🙌🏼

  • alixcritt

    Love. Beautiful. Do a western tanager! Or a lazuli bunting! Or waxwing! 😃

  • ElizabethKelly

    Lovely watercolors!

  • StephInSC

    Those are amazing!

  • tealbarmore



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