From the beginning

The neighborhood that I was raised is so close to a river that connects with the sea on Santos and São Vicente shores. Canoing is on the main activities of the city about 22 years long. Today as I was going on my bike ride I found a friend and he was just about to get his boat and sail away with other friends. Then I decided to listen their stories

This is the place that better represents the word "mind peace" around the block. Its quiet and you can watch closely the wild life on the swamps

Cubatão Mangroves

Have a rich wildlife activity. Considered the cradle of life, many species of fish and birds go there to seek food. One of such species is the Blue Heron

Raia Olimpica Jorge de Oliveira Barbosa

The deck

After the physical preparation exercises with muscle strength and breathing, the athletes take their kayaks and prepare to leave

To get ready

Just a few more steps

Many of the athletes paddle a long time and the practice of this activity is already part of their lives

Then, the 12km path starts

The basin is surrounded by the Serra do Mar and the path includes impressive local fauna and flora views

Ilha Caraguata's bridge

Canoeing Morning by Pedro Felix Instagram: @heyfeelix --- Thank You!

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