Just a little over an hour east of San Luis Obispo lies the Carrizo Plain, the largest single native grassland remaining in California. The vast, dramatic landscape of the plain is largely undeveloped, and littered throughout are remnants of old, abandoned farmhouses.

It's a place I go to feel a million miles from civilization, to find solitude, and to reconnect with what's wild.

Rough road? Sounds like an invitation.

All throughout Carrizo Plain are signs of the dynamic geography of the area. The San Andreas fault, which forms the boundary between the Pacific and North American plates, runs along the northeast side of the plain.

At Wallace Creek, the stream has been offset more than 400 ft. due to fault movement and now flows in the shape of an S.

"In wildness is the preservation of the world."


In the middle of the plain lie the white alkali flats of Soda Lake. During an early morning bike ride, we saw signs of a herd of elk that had passed across the dry lake bed.

As the sun began to set, evening sounds filled the plain.

Special thanks to @toyotausa for inviting me to share my journey and #KeepItWild with the 2016 #4Runner.

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