The Chaotic Masterpiece

If you want visual dramatics, Vietnam delivers. From bustling cities to serene beaches and wild landscapes to remote islands you can count on Vietnam to supply it all in huge abundance. Join me on a journey through my favourite moments as we travelled from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City sampling the best of Vietnamese life


The busiest and most fast paced city I have ever experienced

Get cycled around on your own Tuk Tuk style bike and experience the synchronised chaos up close

Or explore the temples and houses where beautiful and elegant architecture is everywhere

Head out of the cities and you'll reach landscapes you have only dreamed of. For our taste of nature we headed to Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, home of the worlds largest cave systems, an 8 hour coach journey from Hanoi.

The combination of huge rice fields, vast rivers and seemingly magical mountains created landscapes that were out of this world

But head underground, walk 7km inside a cave and you'll wonder whether you are actually still on this planet

The photos can do the talking...

Although even when you are back outside the vivid colours of the never ending rice fields are spectacular

Hoi An was the peaceful and colourful gem amidst the rest of this fast paced country. Dripping in history and stunningly beautiful this small town was one of my favourite stops

Every night the streets would come alive with bright colours coming from hundreds of handmade lanterns

The river teamed with locals who would all come to enjoy the magical sunsets

And even the beautiful architecture came alive to put on.a show of fantastic colour

Although if you have time; head off the beaten track and find hundreds of perfect sunset locations

Our final stop was Ho Chi Minh City, formally Saigon. This sprawling city had everything to offer and a great way to end a fantastic Vietnam trip

We were treated to incredible firework display to honour the 40th anniversary since the end of the war

Although even without the fireworks the mismatch of buildings created something beautiful to admire

But saying that if you are looking for truly stunning city views head to the Bitexco Sky Tower

Or have a beer and watch the city light up from your hotel roof

Vietnam was a true eye opener and had everything and more on offer. There is so much more to explore of this amazing country I can't wait to head back one day, thanks for following me along and I hope you enjoyed the photos!

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