Live simply so that others may simply live

I haven't the most expensive car I haven't the most expensive house I haven't a millions dollars in the bank I don't want to be rich or famous, Because I don't forget who I'am, just a human who takes just what he needs. And you ? #nature

  • jorgen


  • snowqueen1650

    Simply beautiful

  • SgaR

    Gorgeous , I wish I'm more artist like you

  • bethkellmer

    Amazing photos ✌️

  • flerom

    Awesome story! Keep up the good work. 👏👏

  • raejmartens

    Great philosophy. I truly believe this too. This and kindness to all creatures great and small 👌🏼

  • sahar23alz

    dé jà vu

  • pierlu__igi

    Great story, great words 👏🏼

  • mcaramel

    These pics are amazing!!! I wish I could take pics like that