Leaving home, Visiting the future

My daughter is going away to college in a few months. We took a road trip to Portland, Oregon to see the campus, and get used to the idea.

There are so many good signs in #Portlandia. This one matches her jacket.

There are sidewalk cows,

and art is everywhere.

The PSU campus is big and busy, in the heart of downtown Portland.

Leaving home is hard, when you're 18, especially when you want to stay, but you also want to go. We both feel a bit nervous and excited about her life in the big city.

The farmer's market on campus is refreshing on a crisp Spring Saturday.

Fresh strawberries always brighten the mood.

Radish roots run deep.

Beauty is easy to find.

Green goodness is everywhere.

Seeing kombucha on tap on campus was a good sign for my home-brewing kombucha kid.

Portland is a lot like Eugene, in many ways. We all do our own dishes in the park.

Fruit and beeswax smell like home.

This morning I saw our leftover snap peas from the Portland farmer's market next to my chair. They taste like spring and childhood memories.

I will miss her in a way I can't quite articulate,

but I know she's ready to map out her own adventures.

I'm looking forward to more visits is to #Portland next year, to visit my girl. #places #seewhatisee #stellerday

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  • tbyrnes

    This is really sweet. ❤️

  • BurnellYow

    Wonderful story. My nephew just graduated from art school in Portland. He loved it there.

  • iloveutah

    I like this. Great story. I lived in Portland for four years, I miss it.

  • juliejulie

    Thanks @iloveutah! I lived there for several years too, I know she will love it.

  • juliejulie

    Thanks @BurnellYow! Portland is a wonderful place for artists...

  • juliejulie

    Yes @everypicture so true!

  • juliejulie

    Thanks for reading @tbyrnes !

  • jaywilder

    start of a great adventure...

  • sabrinamorgn

    This reminds me of my trip to portland with my mom in April! I'm going to UP next fall but I looked at PSU too :D


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