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Agnieszka Pilat is a fine artist from the San Francisco Bay Area that paints her subjects in a concept of time, and it's preciousness to our lives. This is a sampling of available works from the 2015 Spring Season.

"Time: 003" 48 x 36 inches

"M is for Murder"

53 x 31 inches

"Time: 004"

Time is our most precious commodity. It defines who we are. To capture the concept of time, I place my subjects on the intersection of the present and the past: lives fully lived and dreams already dreamt... the people who "are", not the ones who will "become". The young subjects in my paintings, rather then being literary representations of children, are allegorical symbols of choices that make up our individual existences. Every choice that offered a promise of a new beginning... at that precious moment a child-like innocence was granted to a new idea. Old life deconstructed."

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