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Back in November I wrote a Steller story about Art & Hue who had recently launched a collection of graphic pop art using a distinctive halftone technique where dots are used to create the printed image. Since the beginning of this year Art & Hue has added a new range of prints to their collection every month. I caught up with founder Odysseas Constantine to discuss the new designs.

Why take inspiration from iconic artworks?

There's a history of pop art reworkings of classical art, such as Andy Warhol's Venus and Mona Lisa, and I wanted to apply the Art & Hue treatment to museum classics to give them my own spin.

Why select these pieces?

I like to create groups of art prints based on a theme so they're available individually, or as a group if someone is working on a gallery wall. Da Vinci's Mona Lisa, Botticell's Venus, Gainsborough's Blue Lady, and Vermeer's Girl with Pearl Earring are four of the most iconic women in art and seemed ripe for the Art & Hue halftone effect.

How did you decide on the colour palette?

I applied the main Art & Hue house colours of Aqua, Red & Yellow but all prints are also available in a choice of single colours.

What led to the prints inspired by retro sign painting?

I've been wanting to create an Alphabet of single letters since launching Art & Hue and have been experimenting for a while. The vintage typography with the signpainter finally clicked and felt very Art & Hue. The overlapped halftone initials feel like misaligned screenprinting which adds to the vintage feel.

@ArtAndHue kindly customised the 'C is for Copper' print to create a personalised version for me: 'C is for Copperline'

Where do you find ideas and inspiration?

I try not to research in a specific way as there's a risk of absorbing too much of one look. Sometimes the best way to be inspired is from an imagined recollection of vintage typography that may not actually exist but is created from the imagination.

What was the idea behind the artist's toolbox collection?

Technology has opened up the methods of creating art with digital image creation and printing so I wanted to pay homage to the humble and traditional art tools of paint, paint brushes, and pencils. It was then a natural progression to offer personalisation in text that looks like brush strokes or pencil marks - the prints can be customised with a word or name.

The art tools collection was initially created last November with a view to launching in February but following the tragic events at the Charlie Hebdo offices, I didn't want it to seem opportunistic to offer art prints of pencils, which were taken up as the symbol of solidarity, so delayed the launch until an appropriate amount of time had passed to avoid jumping on any bandwagon.

What's next from Art & Hue?

There are numerous collections I'm working on or mulling over - not all will make it online as I edit ruthlessly - but there are themes for each month of the year I have in mind. I won't give anything away just yet but I'll tease with an observation that the 23rd of May 2015 sees the 60th anniversary of the Eurovision song contest!

All photography by Art & Hue

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Look out for Part 2 of 'the new collection' on May 1

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