Weekend at my beach house


The fortune of having a beach house is that you can go to the beach whenever you want, even in winter or in spring. You can enjoy the sun and chilling by the sea even if you are alone. After I got surgery the doctor said I have to rest. So here I am!

First day: Sun!

Favorite vegan dish ever.

Corners of San Felice Circeo.

The beautiful view from the upper town.

San Felice Circeo

Torre Paola, one of my favorite places on Earth.

Paola Lake, Sabaudia.

One of the best sunsets ever infront of my house.

The beach infront of my house.

Delicious dinner.

Walking barefoot and chilling on the beach.

From the beach infront my house looking to the left this is Terracina.

And here looking to right this is San Felice Circeo and the mountain.

Here is my girl, Maya.

And also my boy (on the left) Attila.


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