The Most Photographed Mountain in the United States?

Of all the mountains in Washington State, few peaks exemplify the area’s combination of rugged and pristine natural beauty better than Mount Shuksan. In fact, it's commonly believed that Shuksan is the most photographed mountain in the United States. But you can be the judge of whether it is deserving of such a title.

Our trek to the foot of Mt Shuksan was a long, grueling one. Here we are reaching a ridge to its west, with Mt. Shuksan hiding in the clouds.

The clouds eventually lifted allowing us to explore the area around our snow camp and enjoy the views of two of Washington's greatest peaks, Mount Baker (pictured) and Mount Shuksan).

Exploring under the bright moonlight, we could see Mount Shuksan in all of its glory. Mount Shuksan’s complex structure and its distinct summit pyramid lure tourists and climbers alike.

Come morning, we woke up to beautiful blue skies and, of course, a warm sun rising over Mount Shuksan to our east.

Images and words by Scott Kranz Instagram: scott_kranz

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  • saracassella

    Great story! I would love to go here!

  • photistry

    Beautiful story and images.

  • Hamda

    Great shots!

  • cairofoster

    It's beautiful out there...funny though cuz I heard that the Maroon Bells were the most photographed too || either way, ruling pics @scott_kranz

  • trishabrink

    So blessed to have grown up & lived in the shadow of these mountains for 40 years here in the very north west corner of Washington. Awesome job at capturing the rugged beauty that I call home.

  • rawmeyn

    So I have to go there on my next trip to the states ✌️

  • chrisrona

    I love your work..


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