A tealicious aperitivo

This is the story of a meeting. A meeting between an ancient drink and a set of ingredients. It was around six pm when tea leaves met some of the most traditional ingredients of the Italian kitchen.

The first Italian guest was the Asparagus from Cantello. He was so proud of himself and so vain. But he made some friends from other places of the world and he started to talk with them. He spent a beautiful time with green tea leaves. They were from China, so regal and majestic.

• MINI GREEN TEA AND QUINOA PIES WITH CANTELLO'S ASPARAGUS • • Green tea leaves • Asparagus • Grana Padano cheese • Egg • Quinoa

Mr Basil comes from the garden of an amazing house which is situated in front of the Ligurian sea. That afternoon he was late as usual. He reached the other guests, and they were already eating something. Nobody noticed him except a little dusty Japanese man, who was alone in a corner, with a big tag on his chest.

• TARTINE WITH MATCHA AND CHEESE CREAM AND LIGURIAN BASIL • • Matcha Tea • Bread with seeds • Spreadable Cheese • Leaves of Ligurian basil

All together they were so tasty and savory. Maybe too much savory. But mr Basil was not the last guest. In fact, some sweet women knocked the door.

Misses Renette sat at the table without any kind of problem, except for their bodies. They wore three enormous hats and they suddenly begun to eat delicious sweets. Sisters Renette loves any kind of sweets because of their gluttony.

Mélange black tea was sit next to the sisters. He suddenly fall in love with them all and asked them: "Beauties, would you like to dance?". The answer came quickly, and they started dancing.

• RENETTE APPLES AND BLACK TEA SWEET PIE • • Renette apples • Black tea leaves • Eggs • Whole flour • Brown sugar • Yoghurt • Yeast • Olive oil

But the Renette sisters were not the only sweet guests. In the corner there was a very strong man with black skin, who was laughing with Mr Matcha. They were made of two so different colors, but they liked each others.

• MATCHA AND EXTRA DARK MILANESE CHOCOLATE MOUSSE • • Matcha tea • Extra dark Milanese chocolate • Whole flour • Soy milk • Brown sugar

Everybody was there. They came from different parts of the world, they had different stories, they were part of different cultures. Tea leaves from China, Japan and India matched with some musts of the Italian kitchen. It was a beautiful evening, a tealicious aperitivo. Enjoy. Sara De Luigi #Food&Soul

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