I'll be the first to admit it: I'm addicted to cookbooks. I turn to them for recipes, for inspiration, for comfort. So here is my new monthly story, Cookbook Favorites, which will highlight the books I currently just can't put down.

Genius Recipes by Kristen Miglore is just that: genius. The book focuses on foolproof recipes passed down by cookbook authors, chefs, and bloggers, accompanied by tips, mini-recipes, and beautiful photographs.

Handmade Baking by Kamran Siddoqi is a lovely collection of baking recipes, ranging from classics to innovative creations. His photographs are gorgeous, and his stories are inviting.

Bowl + Spoon by Sara Forte is a constant inspiration in my kitchen. Delicious, easy recipes that focus on whole grains and leafy greens, served in bowl form? Yes please.

This book is going to be a classic. Tara O'Brady's Seven Spoons is beautifully photographed and filled with gorgeous prose and fantastic recipes. Everything I've made so far has been A+.

Yogurt Culture by Cheryl Sterman Rule is a '"global look on how to make, bake, sip, and chill the world's creamiest, healthiest food.'' Beautifully photographed and well-written, this is a great cookbook.

In need of fast, delicious plant-based meals? Erin Alderson's The Easy Vegetarian Kitchen is the book for you. Lovely photographs accompany recipes for every season.

Date Night by Ashley Rodriguez is a unique book, filled with gorgeous photographs and meals built around one theme: reconnecting with your partner over simple and thoughtful dishes.

How To Eat by Nigella Lawson is brilliant. It's filled with great, classic recipes, but Lawson's thoughts on cooking and eating make this book shine. It's inspiring, encouraging, and delicious.

Sarah Britton's My New Roots Cookbook is a gorgeous read. Filled with beautiful photography and plant-based recipes, it's an inspiring addition to my collection.

Any thing with Alice Water's name on it is an instant classic, and this book is no exception. With over 200 sweet and savory recipes, it celebrates fruit from season to season.

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