By: Olivia T.


This book is dedicated to my friend on Game Center,Molly Stupid!💖

INTRO;Wolves. Ponder this animal. They are stealthy, majestic, animals. Top of the food chain.

They are all different. They all have different skills, ways, and such. Wolves. The word bounces around in your head. Why do we need wolves?

WHY DO WE HAVE WOLVES?:We have wolves for this reason: to keep the population of caribou, elk, deer and such, UNDER CONTROL! These elk, deer, and caribou would overpopulate (to have to much of) the EARTH!

Wolves generally work/live together in packs. Taking care of young pups, feeding the pack, and defending the pack from other preadators.

LEGENDS: Legends have it that wolves (like in this picture above) have WINGS! Honestly, I think that it's quite strange really! What do u think?

Some other legends say that in ancient times, wolves had ELEMENTAL packs/ powers!!!! Do you believe me?!😊

This wolf shown above appears to posses the element of WIND.

And this wolf appears to have the element of ICE.

This wolf appears to own the power of.... LIGHTNING/ ELECTRICITY.

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