100 Days of hand lettering

As part of #the100dayproject I decided to work on my hand lettering with #100daysofhandlettering Hope you enjoy my journey Instagram @fayebrowndesigns Www.fayebrowndesigns.com

Day 001

Throughout this project I'll be experimenting with different techniques and styles of hand lettering. Day 1 kicked off with using my new TomBow pen and adding some illustrations. It was a bright sunny spring day and I was inspired by the feeling of summer on it's way!

Day 002 A little more intricate. I plan to do a whole alphabet throughout the project.

Day 003 Not much time today and definitely felt the need to Relax!

Day 004 - POW Day 005 - Be natural

Day 006 'Tiny Alphabet'

Day 007 Where's the L gone?!

Day 008 Wooden A

Day 010 Just B

Day 011 It's earth day

Day 013 time for painting! Very therapeutic...

Painted Alphabet

day 014

Really enjoyed painting this. No pencil guides or references, just freehand with a paint brush. Messed up the J a little but otherwise pretty happy with the results...

Day 015 London

London marathon today

Day 016 Black Coffee I think I over did this one and should have maybe kept it simple at Coffee

Day 018 C Working my way through the alphabet slowly!

Day 019 - D for Decorative

Day 019 exploding E

Day 020

One fifth of the way through the #100daysofhandlettering Finding some days I have more time and other days I just do something simple. Starting to feel more confident with my brush script although it's not perfect.


Day 021

Really pleased how this turned out in celebration of my husbands annual birthday BBQ - day 022

Day 023 Star Wars Day!

Day 024 number 1

Day 025 Boom Really enjoying the comic book inspired ones

Day 026

Day 028 Party Time Not 1 but 2 parties today... Exhausted!

To be continued...

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