Kuwaiti Folk Music

Kuwait's plurality through sound

Kuwait's story is a bit like America. It was founded by different cultures more than 800 years ago to live freely. They built a fort and like any pluralistic society you can hear the multicultural identity in its music. These are a few of the music styles that are very Kuwaiti in identity accompanied by cinemagraphs.

The Tamboora came to Kuwait 400 hundred years ago by African immigrants mainly from Nuba and Sudan.

Samri can be considered the Kuwaiti waltz. It comes from Arab Kuwaiti's who are native to the peninsula.

This is a beat that was inherited by Arabs and Latin cultures from Andalucian times & evolved differently with each culture

Bahri was music sailors sang. The drums are originally Indian. They were probably introduced to Kuwaiti sailors on trade trips

Adani music is music that is specifically Kuwaiti but uses Yemeni drums with Indian techniques.

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