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In the Ramadan season of 2014 a Kuwaiti Advertising Agency approached me to write 15 second episodes for a cartoon to promote a Kuwaiti Sweets franchise called "Nagwa". The ads were made to run on their instagram page. This offer came after an instagram page, where I dubbed english video's to arabic as social commentaries depicting stereotypical scenes in Kuwait became popular.

I wrote the show and recorded the voices in my bedroom with three of my friends and *drum roll* my mother, taking roles of different characters. The story is about a typical Kuwaiti family "The Saffrons" with Haila (Cardamom) as the head of the family, her two daughters Nasima & Sabacha, her Son Luay, housemade Elena and family friends gluttonous Tahani & Om-Anwar, a very old lady. These are some of my favorite episodes subtitled in English for you. Enjoy!

Elena's Oranges

Tahani the Socialite

Om-Anwar vs. Technology

Luay in Love

The Eid Episode Eid is the holiday after Ramadan.

Nasima's Desserts. In this episode, my mother playing the character who shares her name was a real trooper. She wanted to get the part right when I started recording, she took a mouthful of malteser chocolates as she said her part lol. Go mom!

Behind the scenes with my friend Bassuma recording the voice of Tahani

Thank you and I hope you enjoyed! xxAziz #steller #stellerinmotion #cartoon #animation #comedy #kuwait #stellerlol

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