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I love juicing and the health benefits that comes with it! I have several favorites and I love using seasonal fruits and berries boosting my juice with superfood fruits like pomegranate and beetroot.

1. "Kick start" Start your morning with some lukewarm lemon water. It's great for you body since it balances your PH-level which is good if you want to lose weight. It's also said to make your skin healthier, help with the digestion, it's great for your heart and brain and contains a lot of vitamin C. I make my lemon water a bit stronger and add some ginger and a few drops agave syrup. It's like a caffeine kick without actually drinking coffee. It's my routine before my morning yoga.

1 lemon 1 clementine water (can be omitted) fresh ginger 1 tsp agave syrup

2. "Sunshine in a Jar", the name says it all. It's like soaking my body in sunshine but from the inside. The cayenne pepper heightens the sweetness from the fruits and makes this juice perfection itself. serves 4-6 3 oranges 3 large carrots 3 large red apples a pinch or two of cayenne pepper

3. "The detox juice". 3 beetroots 6 blood oranges 2 red apples 1 large pomegranate Pomegranate is what you could call a "superfood" which means that it's exceptionally potent and nutritious. Pomegranate is said to lower a high blood pressure and high cholesterol, reduce the risk of thrombus, atherosclerosis and also contains a lot of vitamins and minerals especially large amounts of vitamin C and potassium.

The health benefits from beetroots are many. Beetroot contains a lot of vitamin B & C which is good for your immune system. Beetroot is also good for your cholesterol and has a intensive detoxing effect on your liver and blood system and is said to prevent cardio vascular deceases, cancer, birth defects and a whole lot more.

4. "Greenylicious" Juicing isn't just about putting fruit and sweeter vegetables in the juicer. It's also about juicing the green stuff; like broccoli, spinach and cucumber. This one also contains some kiwi and green apples to make it sweeter. 100 gram broccoli 2 big handfuls of spinach 1/2 cucumber 5-6 small oranges 1 lime 2 green apples 2-3 kiwi or 1 large banana

MADE BY MARY For instruction for each juice recipe, visit; http://www.madebymary.se/category/vin-dryck.html Instagram: @madebymary #madebymary #juice #healthy #detox #recipe #stellermaker #stellerrecipe #stellerstories #food

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