The Isles

A journey through the unknown

"As we sailed between the islands we suddenly saw a 40ft wide whirlpool rushing towards us"

Our journey began as an ideal, a desire to see something more. Reading maps, nautical charts, hydrographic charts, everything so we knew what we were up against.

The world was becoming smaller and our crew were ready to sail from Ireland to the Outer Hebrides, a journey coined as one of the most elusive and beautiful ways in the world.

We set sail and everything was great, the sun was out, the water was calm and we had time on our side.

Night approached and soon came the wind, the swell and the Corryvreckan. A channel notorious for severe currents and many drownings. The all of a sudden a giant whirlpool rushed by the boat. As wide as three yachts and as deep as a 4 story building.

After the night had passed we docked at a port that greeted us with waves and fish.

After the waves, we all headed back to the boat where we were once again greeted magnificently. However this time by bags of scallops which the fishermen had left for us, after hearing of our tiring journey. Good thing one of our crew was a fine chef!

Over the next few days we explored the coastline by foot. Searching for waves and finding panoramic views of the vast desolate landscape. And at the end of each day we sunk some local brews and slept sound.


It was not long before we got in the ocean. The big sink. Our liquid therapy. The big blue. The waves were not as we had hoped but we made the most of what we had and it brought smiles to our scruffy faces.

The search was beginning to wear us thin. Long hikes to nothing, seeing ghost waves, and rewarded with false hopes. Chasing rainbows... until...

The gold at the end of the metaphorical rainbow.

Our adventure was nearing an end. Will had won, the hope was rewarded and our time was up. Many we longing for home and our opening for an exit had come. Tide and wind were swinging to our favour and we had to say fairwell.

As with most journeys a lesson is learned and no different was this. Here was ours: Hope is a tease. You cannot avoid it and so you should embrace it. You will always get what you search for if you stay persistent and have the knowing you will prevail.

"Hope is a waking dream."

- Aristotle

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