Checked off

Items pt I

✔️ Pearl Harbor ✔️ride in helicopter ✔️see volcano ✔️hot air balloon ride ✔️mackinac bridge ✔️kayak pictured rocks ✔️pole dance ✔️yoga retreat

✔️blowing glass ✔️times square ✔️drinking from a coconut in Hawaii ✔️pet a baby lion ✔️go on a cruise ✔️watch the sun set mid ocean ✔️surf in Costa Rica

got this bad boy from a native on the road who chopped it with a machete&agave me free pineapple 🍍

The Arizona, Pearl Harbor

Until he started playing with my dress strings

Helicopter over volcano ✔️✔️

This yoga retreat happened to be on a cruise, killed two birds with one stone✔️✔️

This doesn't even touch the iceberg of things and experiences I want to do. But I've crossed off more in 2 years than I have in 26. What's next?