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As part of the Open Houses in May during the Brighton Festival, I have a shed installation...this May the theme is 'Nesting'. I have collaborated with @westelm to form part of the piece which reflects on creating a cozy, safe space from found things, collections and colour... and there are a few nests and butterflies involved too... Partly because of this theme, I invited guest artist Shyama Ruffell to exhibit her beautiful hand painted butterflies, beetles and moths, framed in vintage boxes inside the house...

Hand painted paper butterflies, beetles and moths by artist Shyama Ruffell

For my own project I colour copied vintage cigarette cards and also used an old 'local butterflies' poster and cut the butterflies and moths out...

I then spiked them with some wire...

...and attached them to a growing ceiling of twigs!

...after I'd played about a bit first!


More about the open house at: facebook.com/64sandgate www.instagram.com/64sandgate and on my blog: www.5ftinf.com You can find Shyama Ruffell's work at: www.shyamaruffell.co.uk www.instagram.com/shyamaruffell

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  • marionmac56

    I loved your book. 🐛

  • verysarie

    Love the branches on he ceiling. I have so many old cigarette cards- great idea for using them without harming them. 🐞🌺

  • ysthing

    Absolutely fantastic!!!!!

  • 5ftinf

    @marionmac56 thank you!! 🙏

  • 5ftinf

    @verysarie thank you! Yes I couldn't bear to cut them up, here too precious 😉✨

  • 5ftinf

    @ysthing thank you!!! 🙏

  • DJxo

    Check out the Frederick Dodd collection I mentioned in my Kuranda story

  • inkalaimages

    Oh Philippa these little stories are just too beautiful! Am trying to find my rhythm in these spaces (this one being new to me!) after the crazy wonderful of the last few months. I'm always inspired by your lovely xxx



  • blueanto

    This is sooo amazing

  • Collageworkshop

    This is gorgeous! Sweet, and perfectly shot at that scrumptious wooden table 😍

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