How to do April School Holidays

Head up the coast somewhere where the water is warm. Bring surfboards, bikes, books, mosquito repellent and eskies full of food.

Go with lots of kids.

Remain aloof to their short lived factions, wars & whinging

Inhale | exhale

Get up early

Go for a walk

See the sunrise.

Teach the kids surfing. They might complain & prefer to be on their iPads

But when they see all the great photos you've taken that they can Instagram

They'll thank you for it eventually.

(Be a strong swimmer & know what you're doing because you and your little grommet can get caught in a rip quite quickly and whisked out to sea.)

Draw something

Have a go

You'll have Happy Little Vegemites

Point Plomer, just south of Crescent Head New South Wales #Australia #explore

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  • gummyting

    This is your everyday isn't it πŸŒŸπŸ’›

  • watersheddesign

    I wish! @gummyting (Steller just featured my story on their Stellerverse - that's nice huh!)

  • studiochina

    Beautiful story

  • expacs

    Ohh love!! You've convinced me, where do I sign up ☺️ your little munchkins have grown since I last instagrammed! 😁

  • watersheddesign

    Thanks @studiochina pleased you liked it.

  • watersheddesign

    We'll be there again next April @expacs - come on over! And yes, they're growing up so fast. Lucy just turned 4 & the 9 year olds feet are bigger than mine 😳

  • yellowillow

    This is perfection Carolyn! Brilliant first story! I loved following your April adventures!! Just beautiful!

  • watersheddesign

    Thanks Anne @yellowillow it's a nice medium/ way to tell a story. Not sure how many I'll be able to do but I can see they will be a good challenge. 😊

  • dawa_lhamo

    I love this Carolyn. And your advice to remain aloof & ignore had me giggling ☺️it does look like the perfect April school holidays..

  • blueanto


  • ansies

    Heaven! Loved every pic. What great moments...Lucy still grounded, those long legged girls on the boards, the morning light.. Did you really get caught in a rip?

  • watersheddesign

    Thank you kindly @blueanto 😊

  • watersheddesign

    Thanks Anna @ansies Nina & Mark did get caught in a rip but they were ok - Nina was on the board, Mark could push her onto a wave but he said he had to swim pretty hard to get out of it himself. You have to be careful at these unpatrolled beaches - I'm too scared to go out where I can't stand up in those conditions. I did have a go on a surfboard this time... Ended up with a lot of water up my nose!

  • ansies

    So easy to get into trouble isn't it. Go sideways as they say instead of towards the beach. I definately have a love/fear relationship with the ocean. I'm the same, I don't feel confident going out deep in surf. Prefer swimming in calm seas or rivers .


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