The Flowing Rocks of Antelope Canyon

Rachel S

Located on Navajo land near Page, Arizona, Antelope Canyon is an incredible place where water and time have eroded the rock and turned it into a slot canyon. The result is an incredible formation of smooth, flowing rock. In 1997 the Navajo Tribe turned the area into a Navajo Tribal Park, opening up Antelope Canyon for tourism Antelope Canyon was formed by erosion of Navajo Sandstone, primarily due to flash flooding and secondarily due to other sub-aerial processes. Rainwater, especially during monsoon season, runs into the extensive basin above the slot canyon sections, picking up speed and sand as it rushes into the narrow passageways.

Follow the light

Sandstone "Rose with Stem"

Sky Fall

A vibrant underground cathedral where every step exposes a unique scene of depths of exquisite contrast and brilliance. Just gaze and imagine an evolving millions upon millions of years where flowing water and winds carved this sacred wonder.

Sacred and Spiritual.Serene and Mystical

The Wave

Soft blend of ambers, oranges, reds, mixed with more natural light is an incredible rush to someone who's a light-junkie

Shades of Black

Color Gradient

There's an underground World somewhere, Go explore it.

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Rachel S

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