Porridge by Chockywoky

Milk and Fig

The soothing, the sweet and the sticky. With figs in season at the moment, it's the perfect time to use them. In this oatmeal, their gooey insides pair exceptionally well with the smooth drizzles of condensed milk on top...

The amalgam: A bowl of your usual plain oatmeal + 1-2 fresh figs + 1-2 tbsp condensed milk; best refrigerated

Slice figs and place atop oatmeal and drizzle on condensed milk. Adding additional toppings is optional.

You can add: - shaved chocolate - pomegranate arils - blackberries & other berries


For the full recipe, visit chockywoky.weebly.com Thank you! By charlie k. @chockywoky - instagram