Palazzo Beneventano del Bosco

Syracuse - #SiciliaEP15

In the downtown of Syracuse, Palazzo Beneventano del Bosco is a renowned sample of the Baroque and Rococò architecture. In the past, its rooms put up kings, knights, politic personalities. Horatio Nelson was among them. Its salons are painted with frescos, everything is valuable here, and you can breath an atmosphere of the typical Sicilian nobility

Crystals are from Malta and Venice, and every furniture is authentic

The Palace is currently owned by the Baron Pietro Beneventano del Bosco. It's open only to cultural visits of small groups. It's not for occasional tourists.

...but it's the only palace, in the hearth of the city, where you can have a wine tasting with a Moscato di Siracusa.

The trophies in this room remind to the ancient cult of Diana, the Greek goddess of the hunt. In the square where the palace is located, in the past rose a templum

Visited on 14th, April 2015 Sicilia En Primeur#SiciliaEP15 @VinoPigro