Conservation Through My Eyes

A video on climate change takes six year old Noah Gue from the slopes of Montana to a house in DC

When Noah Gue put his 3 minute video together on Climate Change, he never would have guessed it would end up in the White House

As Noah walks into the East Wing he is greeted by the senior advisor to the president on environmental affairs.

Obviously he had no idea who Nick Miller was but mom and dad enjoyed the introduction.

"Noah, I will be introducing your film today" -Michael Ealy

"All my movies are rated 'R' so I am sure you have no idea who I am but I wanted to introduce myself" -Hillary Swank

After a quick photo op with Joe Morton an an interview with "E Hollywood News"

It's time for the main event

CBS Interview

As Noah gives an interview to CBS a proud mom watches in the background.

Back to Montana

Check out Noah's video by clicking the link 👇🏼 One thing is for sure, Mom: & Dad: Could not be more proud of our little man!

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  • AnnDubDub

    This is great. Thanks for sharing and having a cool kid!

  • YoungMenAndFire

    Thank you @AnnDubDub. We are proud parents to say the least! He started his next film this week 😉

  • jaywilder

    Wow! Im so impressed and inspired!

  • jaywilder

    Great job, Noah!!!

  • karen

    Congrats Noah and family!! Such an accomplishment!

  • tbyrnes

    Congrats to you and Noah! So awesome.

  • melaniepearl

    This is amazing. So excited to see this environmental tragedy presented in such a powerful, artistic way. Beautiful photos, minds & family. You guys rule, keep it up!!

  • Aris


  • bethkellmer

    Just watched the video - wow! So powerful and simple, thanks to Noah for helping us see what's important. And big congratulations to your family in such a memorable trip, great steller story!

  • iridehorses

    Very cool


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