Exploring Kodachrome Basin


Kodachrome Basin is a state park of Utah, USA. It is situated 5,800 feet above sea level, 12 miles south of Utah Route 12, and 20 miles southeast of Bryce Canyon National Park

Differing geological explanations of the features in the park exist. One explanation is that the area was once similar to Yellowstone National Park with hot springs and geysers, which eventually filled up with sediment and solidified. Through time, the Entrada sandstone surrounding the solidified geysers eroded, leaving large sand pipes. 67 sand pipes ranging from two to 52 meters have been identified in the park

Kenyon(@iloveutah) and I decided to explore this geological wonder. One summer evening after work, we drove from Salt Lake City, Utah . We reached Kodachrome Basin State Park around 2:30 AM. The moon had already risen. However I got a decent shot of the Milky Way and Chimney Rock.

We then hiked to Shakespeare Arch to catch the sunrise.

Shakespeare Arch

We were awake for 24 hours. That took some toll on me while we waited for sunrise.

Damn you Kenyon ;)

I think I woke up in time though to capture the first light on the red rock formations.

The rest of the day was a mixture of some power naps and location scouting.

We settled on this spot for some Milky Way shots at night. We set a hard deadline of an hour of shooting after the Milky Way rose and planned on heading back home after that.

However the Milky Way put on such a good show that we blew way past that deadline.

We light painted

Took selfies

And even shot a panorama

Finally when the moon rose, we packed our bags and started our long drive back home. It remains till date the best Milky Way display we have ever seen. Can't wait for our next trip to this place. #stelleradventure #utah #stellergetaway

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