How the ocean fixes everything

Maui Beach Dance

My boyfriend died in October. In February, my cousin invited me to join her in Maui for ten days, to dance on the beach.

They say the ocean fixes everything...

...and hearts open up on the beach.

My cousin's friend Lila leads open-hearted people through an hour of free-form, ecstatic dancing every Sunday morning.

We meet in a parking lot, and walk down to Secret Beach near Keihi, in Maui

Lila has prepared an hour-long playlist for our synchronized, waterproof iPods.

I quickly learn that people who dance together on the beach are some of the nicest, kindest, most joyful people in the world.

There are no rules in beach dancing.

You don't even have to dance. You can just hug, if you want.

I stood in the water, watched the waves, listened to my iPod and cried a little, but I didn't mind. Crying in the ocean clears out the shadows.

Fresh coconut water is a perfect après beach dance drink.

And so is a party!

My cousin Amy makes me smile.

And she loves to dance anywhere, any time.

We stayed at Lila's amazing B&B, in a room with a view.

And danced some more after the sun set over the ocean.

On the last day, Lila let us all choose a charm out of a bag, and I got this one.

The ocean can't take away the sting of sorrow, but it can help open up some room for tender hearts to heal, one dance at a time.

And it's a perfect place for hopscotch!

Thank you dear cousin Amy and lovely Lila for inviting me to dance! For those of you who want to learn more about Beach Dance in Maui, please visit

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