John Cullen

11.3.53 - 2.12.15

Today we said goodbye to our beloved son, brother and uncle. We told stories, listened to John's favorite disco music and sprinkled his ashes at our father's beach.

For our dear John, May your spirit soar in freedom From earth's challenges that gripped you so tight. May you find the peace you searched for As you wandered lost in the night.

May your mind be clear and calm And your huge heart be warm. May you have no need for strength May there never be another storm.

May the music of the angels and hopefully the Rolling Stones Be the sweet sounds you hear. As you are making friends in heaven May you never shed another tear.

We will wear your memory proudly May our love for you reach heaven above Until we meet again.

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  • mombo

    So sorry for your loss. Wonderful tribute.

  • UtahSolitaire

    So beautiful. I think he'd be smiling.

  • skyesnyder

    Very sorry for your loss. It looks like a beautiful memorial.


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