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Tiny excerpts from a week with wonderful family and friends. (And lots of beer)

The Boycott Inn - Ludlow, UK

Innteresting. The first bit of British sunshine had started to break through so it was straight to a beautiful countryside pub for a classic Sunday lunch. My dad and I bonded over old timey songs whilst serenading one another.

Brewdog - Birmingham, UK

Curing Ale-ments. My friend had been feeling under the weather recently so took it upon myself to catch up and cure him. We met a peculiar man who claimed to be from space. He offered us shepherd's pie. We declined.

The Wild Boar - Warwick, UK

Anything but boar-ing. A friend in need is a friend indeed and a friend with beer is better. We spent the evening relaxing and telling stories from childhood. The locals joined in.

Island Bar - Birmingham, UK

How now brown cow. We were blown away by a random act of kindness. Sipping a cocktail, a man approaches us and gave us free tickets to see Derren Brown. He removed his credit card details.

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