Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride

|crossing off a bucket list item|

In June, two of my best friends and I decided to go on a hot air balloon ride. It was on all of our bucket lists and I was moving in 3 weeks from Grand Rapids, MI to Greenville, SC. We thought it would be the perfect send off.

The balloon ride would take place at sunrise in Traverse City, MI. The rest of the weekend we would go wine tasting, to the beach and dine around town.

The morning of..

It was early. Dark. Cold. We met at a run down gas station. We began questioning our decision. We met our guides releasing helium balloons to to determine the winds. We drove around to find the perfect spot for take off&ended up in a soccer field blowing up the balloon as a group.

Let me tell you..

You haven't felt heat until you've been on a hot air balloon

Watching the sunrise became a completely different experience from a mile up.

|The Grand Traverse Bay|

As the sky turned from dawn to day, the world below came alive

Your landing spot is also unpredictable. It's based on the wind, the decent, and your speed. The ground guides chased us as the pilot tried to manipulate the balloon to land somewhere. We ended up in an abandoned mall parking lot.

Apparently, it's tradition for a hot air ballon ride to have a champagne toast. No complaints.

One of my favorite views of the day was seeing the balloon's shadow on the trees

We continued our day at one of my favorite Michigan Wineries, Chateau Chantel. >>>if you ever come across their Late Harvest Riesling, BUY IT

No trip to Traverse City would be complete without stopping at Moomers.

"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard"

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